This guide will show you how to connect and disconnect from the AnyConnect VPN on your machine. 

  1. To open the AnyConnect application. You can either find it in your taskbar or open from your start menu;
    1. The bottom right-hand corner of your screen click the up chevron arrow and double click the following icon
    2. If the icon isn't present it means the application isn't running. You can open the application by searching "AnyConnect" in the start search bar.

  2. Once the application is open, you'll see something similar to (will have your company name);
  3. Click the Connect button, enter the same credentials you log in to your machine with;
  4. You should get the following message in the bottom right-hand corner and the window will change;
  5. If you wish to disconnect the VPN, follow the above process to open the application and then click the Disconnect button.